Car rental

Our car rental service helps you get the advantage of traveling conveniently around the city. Charges Vary as per tour Itenerary.

Price: 1,500 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Cleaning service

All our rooms are cleaned daily once. But we also provide extra cleaning services by request – if you need it when the cleaning is not planned.  No matter whether this is a planned or extra booked service, we provide extraordinary levels of cleanliness and superior service, so you never spoil your rest because of …

Price: 200 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Dining @ Kanikas

A small dining space, which can accommodate your family, would serve you complimentary breakfast between 7:30- 9:00 am. Tea, coffee, milk and beverages would be served anytime during the day till lights go off in the kitchen(at 10:00pm)- and this would be charged. Lunch and dinner can also be served on payment but should be informed at least an hour earlier. Rate as per order.

Price: 750 / Per Day / Per Adult


A small library with a good collection of books to read written by Abdul Kalam, Paulo Coelho and other inspirational and motivational books.

Price: Free